” The experience at Selva Armonia was incredible: between the stunning setting, the fantastic meals, and the practice itinerary so well planned by Sue and Emily, this experience both pushes oneself to new challenges and restores the spirit.” ~ Jeremy Balden

” Sue and Emily create a very welcoming, safe environment. Attending the retreat without knowing either of them, or anyone else, was scary but the environment that they created made the experience amazing!” ~ Jesse Di Maria

” I’m just about to turn 50 and I have had a wonderful life so far, and I have had the good fortune to travel to many places with very transformed people. This was the best, full week of my life and I am very honoured and grateful to have had the privilege to travel to Costa Rica with Sue and Emily, for their Unity Retreat. I won’t want to miss another one.” ~ Phil Coles

“It was an amazing, amazing weekend and one that will stay with me for a long time. Thank you again to Sue, Emily and Martine for all your energy and preparation. Your efforts facilitated a magical weekend of laughter, growth, and bliss. I honestly have never experienced anything quite like it before” ~ Laura Robertson

“Thank you again so much for holding space for us and offering us the roadmap to connect to spirit!  LOVED IT!” ~ Irene Sanchez

“The itinerary was fantastic and more than I had anticipated.  I can’t think of anything that could have made it better.  The spontaneity of the group was refreshing, especially the lake excursion. ”  


“The combination of these two talented teachers, who complement each other beautifully, within a magical atmosphere creates a powerful space to reflect individually, break down barriers, and form new connections… I was amazed at how safe and accepted I felt in a group of mostly strangers.  Each one of us was there for our own reasons, but the mutual compassion and support made us all feel like friends.  This is a special retreat, complete with inspiring yoga classes, delicious food, and picturesque surroundings.”

“ I want to personally thank you for such tender loving care throughout the whole weekend. I learned a lot from you this weekend. Look forward to experiencing more of your classes.” 

” Unity Retreat’s Tropical Transformation was more than transforming. I made deep connections with amazing people, found a deeper connection to my practice, and began to truly find myself in ways I never thought possible. Thank you for everything that has come from this beautiful place.” ~ Heather Wuschke

” It is hard to share what this retreat offered, because it was such a beautiful, inspiring, nourishing and transformative experience; it is honestly difficult to put it into words. WE played together, grew together, and most importantly we were able to rest in the moment in one of the most amazing environments.” ~ Jennifer Kauppila